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Attended the MTNA Conference

MTNA Conference 2012 Logo

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure of attending the 2012 National Conference of the Music Teacher’s National Association, held in NYC. Over 2000 attended from across the country, 80% of whom are independent (private) piano teachers. Featured artists/teachers included:

  • Melvin Stecher & Norman Horowitz: Opening Session
  • Benjamin Zander: Keynote Speaker
  • Menahem Pressler: Piano Masterclass

The conference was fantastic in its content and valuable connections, and I brought home countless publications and techniques to apply immediately, including:

  • a pedal extender for children who are ready to play the pedals and can’t reach
  • a routine of Group Classes for students who are excelling to share their musical ideas with peers
  • a network of music-theory based video games to be tabulated as part of students’ lessons

Please get in touch with me to learn about more exciting changes for Fall 2012: 201-255-7755.

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