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12 Days of Christmas Pageant

Grades K-4th (narrated by 8th Grade) had a ball performing separate scenes from the 12 Days of Christmas show with contemporary arrangements of traditional Christmas songs; directed by Kristin Springer, accompanied by Lee Tomboulian, written by Anna Page and Jean Shafferman. Thank you to Hannah, our 8th grade student accompanist during the season.

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Congratulations to the Jungle Book cast!

We had an amazing time and a wonderful show at the Teaneck Library. I’m thrilled to have directed this very talented group of actors, singers, and dancers. A sold-out crowd of all ages enjoyed the Rudyard Kipling tale of Mowgli and his furry/feathered friends.

A huge THANK YOU also, to the KultureKool Center for South Asian Art & Culture, who produced the show.






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Music Studio Spring 2014 Performances

Interested in taking lessons? Want a preview? or to expose your child to live musical performances by children? Join us for our public performances.

2013SMSRecital_Jonathan_Performing_wKristin Spring Recital at Forte Piano in Paramus, NJ

Saturday, June 7th  |  2:45pm – 4:00pm
The students are so excited and busily preparing for their “red-carpet” performance event. The performance space is elegant, acoustically live, and roomy for extended family and friends. The piano is a brand-new concert-grande Steinway. We have a surprise Finale planned. I fully expect parents to become our very own paparazzi, as they do for every recital! RSVP: 201-255-7755



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Harborage Nursing Home

Saturday, March 29th  |  2:30pm until 4:00pm

Giving Back is a beautiful thing, especially when music is involved. Join us for a community service event and inter-generational performance.

Address: 7600 River Road, North Bergen, NJ, 07047

Phone Number: (201) 854-5000



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Spring Back Into Love with Music!

Private Lessons are available on Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Fridays — or sign up for these great classes:

Pop Glee Class for GirlsViva La Diva – Group classes for girls, ages 6-10, who want to sing the hits of divas like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and more; while gaining the skills to support healthy technique, reading music and harmony. Special attention will always be paid to the selection of age-appropriate material, including lyrics and choreography.

Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory: The Achievement ProgramPiano Achievers – Makes piano study social for students who also take private piano lessons; focus on fun and performance with music theory games, composer study, and ensemble music-making! Includes enrollment in Carnegie Hall’s National Achievement Program and extra performance opportunities.

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Autumn News

Falling Leaves (Low Res)

Registration is Now Open for lessons every M, T, W, & F 2-8pm.

Please note that lesson times on Thursday are 2-4:30pm.

Holidays are October 31st, November 1st, 27th-29th.

Winter Break is December 21st – January 5th.

This year, we’re encouraging something new for practice: If your child is six years old or younger, we recommend that s/he come for 2 sessions per week. One 30 minute lesson plus one 10-15 minute guided practice session on a different day. This is to increase the child’s success in reviewing material throughout the week by learning how to practice autonomously at home. We saw tremendous success with this strategy last year, and we’re confident that it will help more students this year.

Call 201-255-7755 today to Fall Back in Love With Music!!!!

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Keep an Eye Out!

Special Offer

NEW ON A BUS STOP NEARBY: if you see this poster on a River Road Bus Shelter, snap a photo, and your first lesson is FREE!

We host three exciting student performances each year. Call for details.

Summer promises a new round of singing current radio favorites; songs by Adele, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and more: for ages 7: Hudson Idols Workshop.

Also, be sure to check KultureKool for Summer Camp classes with Ms. Kristin.


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Springers Brighten Any Party!

Springers turn up the musicPopular with children from 2 years old and up, the Springers arrive at your chosen site in costume (to coordinate with your theme) with guitar and/or keyboard, along with background music and musical props/games.

Price $180

Duration: 45 minute of a live show plus age-appropriate recorded music during setup and removal

Read more on the Springer Party Page.

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Winter Recital 2012

SMS Winter Recital 2012

This Fall our exciting new students and passionate returning ones have blown me away! Coming up soon is our annual Winter Recital – we’ll hear favorite Christmas tunes such as Mel Torme’s Blue Christmas, along with year-round favorites such as Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, and equally timeless children’s tunes such as The Muffin Man. Soloists Sammy, Chasity and Jonathan will lead the way in our group sing-along. In between sets, we’ll enjoy sandwiches and desserts, and build our musical community with games and lively conversation. I just can’t wait!

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Attended the MTNA Conference

MTNA Conference 2012 Logo

Last weekend, I had the great pleasure of attending the 2012 National Conference of the Music Teacher’s National Association, held in NYC. Over 2000 attended from across the country, 80% of whom are independent (private) piano teachers. Featured artists/teachers included:

  • Melvin Stecher & Norman Horowitz: Opening Session
  • Benjamin Zander: Keynote Speaker
  • Menahem Pressler: Piano Masterclass

The conference was fantastic in its content and valuable connections, and I brought home countless publications and techniques to apply immediately, including:

  • a pedal extender for children who are ready to play the pedals and can’t reach
  • a routine of Group Classes for students who are excelling to share their musical ideas with peers
  • a network of music-theory based video games to be tabulated as part of students’ lessons

Please get in touch with me to learn about more exciting changes for Fall 2012: 201-255-7755.

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Even My Dog Sings

Even My Dog Sings

Bella and I put a Musical Holiday Greeting on YouTube.
On the date of this posting it has 837 views.
Want a good laugh? Take a peak.

Video: Kristin and Bella Sing You a Happy Holiday

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Singing with Bobby McFerrin

Circle Singing at the Omega institute

Singing with Bobby McFerrin

This past summer, I had the amazing opportunity to sing in a choir setting with the incomparable Bobby McFerrin for nearly a week. The format was vocal improvisation, mostly a genre called “Circle Singing.” We sang with McFerrin and his co-teachers about six hours per day in the beautiful, holistic resort, the Omega Institute, in Rhinebeck, NY.

In this genre, the leader (standing in the center) divides a ring of singers into sections (usually by voice part) and assigns a 1-2 bar phrase to be repeated indefinitely. Each vocal section is given a contrasting, yet harmonically pleasing, part which layers simultaneously with the other voice parts. Vocal percussion, sometimes known as beat-boxing, is added, and the leader improvises on top of all (with a microphone). The effect is joyous, spontaneous, and spiritual.

As a classically-trained singer and pianist, who often rehearses many hours for each performance, the practice of vocal improvisation is liberating. The goal isn’t musical perfection, or telling a story, or even entertaining a crowd. Its about transcending expectations and flowing with the music in the moment. The magic is music that is invented, manifested, performed, and witnessed by all participants at the exact same time.

There are many musicians across the world who have learned this style of “Circle Singing,” including a couple groups in NYC. Mostly, leaders create in 4:4 time in Major or Minor tonal patterns. But, McFerrin epitomizes vocal improvisation leadership, by creating in 5:4, 7:8, 9:8, and 13:8 time. He also creates in various modes. One of his co-teachers, Chistiane Karam from Lebanon, improvises vocal music on quarter tones (see video).

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Music — How we love thee

It’s Valentine’s Weekend, the time to focus on love and adoration.

In my preschool classes, the students are dancing to the Beatles’ recording of ‘Til There Was You from The Music Man (with book, music, and lyrics by Meredith Willson). We are singing The More We Get Together and playing a matching (find your partner) game with the letters of the musical alphabet (A-G).

With President’s Day around the corner, and inspired by George M. Cohan, I’ve prepared a tribute to Vaudeville. We start with the book The Song and Dance Man by Karen Ackerman with illustrations by Stephen Gammell. Following the book, there will come a hat dance (read paper plates) with music, Hello My Baby, made legend by Warner Brother’s Michigan J. Frog. Sesame Street has released a brilliantly accessible take-off on Vaudeville, A Very Easy Dance to Do.

To all children, students of music, and teachers,
Happy February and Keep on Singing!

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Reviews about Kristin

Teaching Style:
Anne Farber, Dalcroze Diplome

Anne Farber, Faculty, Lucy Moses School at the Kaufman Center, NYC
Read more
about Ms. Farber on the Tri-State Dalcroze Society of America Blog.

“Kristin is an excellent teacher. I’m truly impressed by her enthusiastic way of relating to young children while teaching the foundations of music and movement.”

Parent-Child Music Classes:
Anonymous Mother at A Whole New World Day Care
“My son LOVES your music class. I can’t thank you enough for bringing Music Together to his school.”

Erik Noteboom, Full Sail University

Erik Noteboom, Vice President of Digital Arts Education, Full Sail University
“Kristin proved to be an excellent teacher with great creativity and self-motivation, developing new curriculum in an innovative field. Unique in her passion for combining multimedia and the performing arts, she often exceeded expectations in her assigned courses and frequently collaborated with the students and staff in Music History, MIDI Recording, and Cinematic Audio. Continue Reading…

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