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Student and Teacher Hands at PianoPrivate Lessons are available for students of all ages and abilities.

SMS voice students have landed roles in popular TV shows (such as Sesame Street) as well as school and community theater productions (such Hoboken’s Children Theater). For voice lessons, children are ideally able to read both words and rudimentary sheet music. Dual enrollment in piano is recommended for children interesting in singing.

For piano, children can start around five years of age, when they have the attention span to focus on a seated task for at least 20 minutes. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend lessons in the beginning, as children will need supervision while practicing at home.

Adults who have always wished to be more musical will have fun learning to read music and play/sing their favorite tunes. Lessons are also a wonderful way for children to build on the innate musical talents that all children naturally possess.

Group Lessons are also available:

Viva la Diva GirlsViva La Diva – Group classes for girls, ages 6-10, 11-14, and 15-18, who want to sing the hits of pop divas like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift; while gaining skills in healthy technique, reading music and harmony. Special attention will always be paid to the selection of classy, age-appropriate lyrics and choreography.


Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory: The Achievement Program

Piano Achievers – Makes piano study social for students who also take private piano lessons; focus is on performance and learning music theory, music history, and composition in a fun and social way. This course also prepares students for inclusion in Carnegie Hall’s National Achievement Program and extra performance opportunities.

Click here for news about our Spring Recital in May.

Here is a photo from the Winter Piano Party:Students perform in a small-group setting in a December Piano Party. This helps students to understand the performance process and work gently through their performance anxiety, learning valuable skills for future, larger performances. In the Spring, there are two performance opportunities: a community-service performance for senior citizens in April and a public recital in late May.

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