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Client: LDI @ University MD

Logo for Leadership Development Institute at UMD
Leadership Development Institute at the
University of Maryland:

The brand I created and marketed—from conception through production
to final distribution—included the design of a flyer, website, workbook,
and slideshow-series which addressed the marketing objectives, target
market, and budget/time constraints for the new training program.

The final flyer—a full-color, glossy six panel layout of LDI’s activities
and testimonials—is just one highlight of my extensive print portfolio.
The website expanded to it’s present form at http://www.LDI.umd.edu.

All of these projects were completed on time and under budget,
using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Powerpoint, and
PageMaker (now InDesign).

At the start, I first analyzed the target market—UMD staff in
coordinator and first-line manager positions—I compiled a direct mail
database, wrote the copy to address the reported customers’ needs,
and incorporated the UMD logo and school colors in the LDI brand.

To meet the marketing objectives of brand awareness, the direct
marketing flyer included an interactive offer and a reference to our
website. The flyer created the desired effects of campus-wide buzz
and increased website traffic.

Through my analisis of sales objectives, the website was
constructed to answer many consumer questions, drive brand
identity, and promote enrollment.

Analyzing the need for brand continuity throughout the training
curriculum, the LDI brand was conveyed in a PowerPoint template
and onto stationary. These materials were used by multiple
training vendors in slideshows, handouts, and assignments,
to unify content for a consistent brand identity. Rewardly, the
first marketing campaign met 85% of it’s enrollment objectives.

In the final week, telemarketing and email marketing was required
to fill the program. This proved too be time intensive, so a second
round of marketing was planned to more completely promote future
LDI programs. As our research indicated, our target audience wanted
to know more about the training activities. To meet this need, I
saturated the new online and print marketing publications with
photos and videos, as well as “participant testimonials.”

The first LDI session was six months after I was hired.
Final design and distribution were finished three months later, using
feedback from the beta LDI program. All production was completed
using limited external vendors, to whom we outsourced to minimize
spending on high-volume printing and online marketing.

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