“How to Reach Showbiz Execs: Growing industry open to technological, financial, and globalization solutions

Source: B-to-B: The Magazine for Marketing Strategies by Roger Slavens

Abstract: This article describes the perspective of Entertainment executives and recommends tactics for marketing to them effectively.

Analysis: According to Tony Uphoff, VP for The Hollywood Reporter Magazine, the entertainment industry so dynamic that “deals can be made or broken in minutes based on rumors and news.â€? This quote relates equally to films, music, and TV – which are rapidly converging – as well as the exploding mediums of the internet, mobile technology, and globalization.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers produced a “Global Entertainment and Media Outlookâ€? report in 2005 that projected a $1.8 trillion industry by 2009. Video sales are expected to reach $26.9 billion worldwide by 2009, and video rentals $9.6 billion, with online rentals making up one-third of rental revenues. â€?Major record labels are projecting that 10-20% of their revenues will come from digital downloads and wireless platforms in the near future,â€? said John Kilcullen, president and publisher of Billboard. Uphoff adds, “the control which on-demand programming and DVRs give to viewers is creating a need for new advertising models.â€?

Another aspect of the entertainment industry that differentiates it from others is that it is project-driven. The responsibilities within a film are contracted to specialists; this separation can frustrate marketers who are targeting a centralized operation. To gain the attention of marketing-savvy execs, pitches must be authentic and targeted to the project’s special needs.

The most successful ad campaigns are those announcing the production company’s recent projects or award-considerations; these affirmations draw future projects.

Marketers looking to make a splash may want to consider these hot products:

– Technology affects the industry on all levels, from production to distribution to how it connects with its audiences
– Financial products draw producers, directors, and creators of all media
– Globalization can turn a domestic flop, like “Troyâ€?, into a $400 million heavy-weight

Take aways: This article shares it’s view with many other writers and execs who we’ve been learning from in class.

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