Trade Article – “Cutting-Edge Real Estate Technology”

by Kristin R.


This article is intended for publication in a trade magazine for real estate salespeople. It’s target readers are newly licensed real estate agents and established realtors who need to update their communications technology. The article conveys the process of researching and ultimately acquiring the appropriate technology for a new career in real estate sales.

This article’s anecdotal voice personifies a very technical process and offers a chronological guideline for other realtors. Additionally, it includes technical data from influential resources, as well as additional references and prices, to aid the reader in making the most informed decision possible.

This article includes the following topics.:

  • Supra eKEY by General Electric
  • Smartphones: Treos and Blackberrys
  • Compatible Operating Systems
  • Laptop vs. Desktop
  • Mobile Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi/Centrino, and wireless broadband
  • Buying a Computer and Accessories
  • Four-in-Ones vs. All-in-Ones
  • HotSync and “Documents to Goâ€?

This article has been submitted for publication in a leading trade magazine, so I will not distribute it for one month. If you would like a copy of the complete article for private viewing, please email me directly. Thank you, Kristin

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