Confessions of a Flirt

A HERstorical Drama written by Kristin Springer with music by Sir Hill which will mount at Orlando Fringe 2021 on May 18-30th and will air internationally on Virtual Fringe in June 2021.

Hey there! We’re setting up to present at the Orlando Fringe Festival May 18-30th. Distributing via Virtual Fringe in June!! CONFESSIONS OF A FLIRT is an original HERstorical Drama by Kristin Springer with music by Sir Mark Hill. #orlandofringe #confessionsflirt #herstory

Join celebrated Georgian-poetess Mary Eliza Perine and her partner Rachel on their journey through romances, marriages, and intrigue to defy the roles allotted to women and meddle their way toward civil liberties for all. This Reconstruction-era musical features poetry of the time set to rock and blues orchestrations for a contemporary take on a little-known HERstory.

CONFESSIONS was written during the 2020 pandemic when Black Lives Matter protesters are calling for equal treatment of BIPOC under the law. It is also a time when the New York Times is running a series of obituaries by women in history who never got the recognition that they deserved. There is a kinship of women to express in this story…as mothers and wives but also as historians, medics, scientists and politicians. It is my hope the story may inspire some unity.

OUR SHOW IS TIMELY — Women have lost 5.4 million jobs since the pandemic began, with 2.1 million dropping out of the workforce entirely, according to the National Women’s Law Center. The percentage of women in the workforce is now as low as it was in 1988. [New York Magazine Article] For context, you may recall that Dolly Parton’s anthem for women in the workplace “9 to 5” topped the music charts in 1980. The song garnered Parton an Academy Award nomination and four Grammy Award nominations, winning her the awards for Best Country Song and Best Country Vocal Performance, Female. [Whitburn, Joel (2004). The Billboard Book Of Top 40 Country Hits: 1944–2006, Second edition. Record Research. p. 262.]

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Ladies, we still have a long way to climb. #liftingasweclimb We have been working together this year to educate our children, vote for our most capable and empathetic leaders, hold corporations accountable, and keep each other safe from disease. Our nurses and teachers have met tremendous challenge with equally tremendous sacrifice. We are grateful to our front line workers and socially-conscious volunteers. We hold love in our hearts for our BIPOC and LGBTQ brothers and sisters–and recognize the need for kindness and equal justice under the law.

OUR SHOW IS SHEDDING LIGHT AND LOVE on a particularly dark chapter of our nation’s past. Around the Civil War and Reconstruction, there exists today many justifiably hard feelings regarding slavery, emancipation, suffrage, and assassination–yet there were people of varied genders, races, and creeds working together toward justice. Our story illuminates the contributions of Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, W.E.B. Du Bois, Frederick Douglas, Victoria Woodhall, Newton Knight, and Cornelius Vanderbuilt to name few; all linked through the eyes and quill of our protagonist, my ancestor, Mary Eliza Perine, author of the memoires CONFESSIONS OF A FLIRT and BRICK BY BRICK as well as a litany of poems including “LOEW’S BRIDGE: A BROADWAY IDYL.”

The intersection in New York City about which Mary Eliza Perine’s epic poem “LOEW’S BRIDGE: A BROADWAY IDYL” was written. Today’s view would include the Freedom Tower (site of the World Trade Center) in the sky to the left above the church.


Sir Hill, composer and audio engineer, Jersey CityABOUT THE COMPOSER: Mark A. Hill known exclusively as Sir Hillis a Musician, Composer, Artist, & Producer from Jersey City, New Jersey, who is currently earning his master’s degree in Music Performance Composition from New Jersey City University. He is the Music Director at Trinity Faith Church of the Living God of Jersey City, New Jersey.He has over 10 years of experience in music performance, production and leadership. Grounded in his faith with an extreme zeal and passion for philosophy and education, he intends to make a positive and life-changing impact on every platform and life he encounters through musical expression. “Music ranks as the highest of the fine arts-as the one which, more than any other, ministers to human welfare.” -Herbert Spencer

Leading Lady of ConfessionsABOUT OUR LEADING LADY: AMANDA TELEBRICO is a singer, actress, and model from Nashville, Tennessee who often performs at the Cocoa Village Playhouse. She is also a wife and dedicated mother of two adorable youngsters.

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