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Music Ed and Personal Development Infographic“If you can walk, you can dance, and if you can talk you can sing.”
Zimbabwean Proverb

Welcome PARENTS, GUARDIANS, and TEACHERS in search of quick and free resources to keep kids busy. I’ve been a music teacher for 10 years. To help with the CoVid-19 pandemic, I’m providing some of my original content (as well as some of my favorite open-source materials) for use by school teachers going digital and homeschooling families. Ages/Grades are approximate and subjective; 1:1 and group lessons are available online by registration. If you repost, I ask that you provide a link back to SpringerMusicStudio.com

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Preschool & Kindergarten Resources

Preview of SMS's Online Australia UnitWhile you’re at home,  may I suggest you collect any musical instruments you may have lying around the house (drums, cymbals, bells, shakers, etc.) Make a music center near a TV or computer screen; you may wish to connect your TV to a tablet.
DON’T MISS THE 1st SMS ONLINE UNIT, which is about Australia, airing on Tuesday, March 24th:
Download the free, accompanying PDF courtesy of Singing Bell.
You might also enjoy freebies from Sing-Play-Create and Preschool Prodigies.

Should you wish to obtain some tonal instruments for this age group, consider ordering from West Music rather than Amazon:
Hand Bells

Elementary Resources

Original or Open Source PDFsExternal Sources
Crossword Composers
Crossword Musical Instruments
Crossword Music Theory
Brevard Symphony Orchestra
Classics for Kids
Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids
Essential Elements
Making Music
Fun Recorder Express Game
Music Interactive Games

Middle School Resources

Original PDFsExternal Sources
Playing the Djembe Drum Unit Plan
Ireland Study Guide
Music_Poster_Artistic Assignment
Incredibox Beatboxer Game
Ultimate Guitar

High School Resources

Original PDFsExternal Sources
24 Bingo Cards about Folk Jazz & Swing
Research Paper Rubric
Music Show Analysis
Florida All-State Prep
uTheory – Register at SMS for a free student account

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