“If you can walk, you can dance, and if you can talk you can sing.” – Zimbabwean Proverb

Welcome PARENTS, GUARDIANS, and TEACHERS in search of quick and free resources to keep kids busy. I’ve been a music teacher for 10 years. To help with the CoVid-19 pandemic, I’m providing some of my original content (as well as some of my favorite open-source materials) for use by school teachers going digital and homeschooling families. Ages/Grades are approximate and subjective; 1:1 and group lessons are available online by registration. If you repost, I ask that you provide a link back to

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Preschool & Kindergarten Resources

While you’re at home, may I suggest you collect any musical instruments you may have lying around the house (drums, cymbals, bells, shakers, etc.) Make a music center near a TV or computer screen; you may wish to connect your TV to a tablet.

DON’T MISS THE 1st SMS ONLINE UNIT, which aired in March about Australia. Download the free, accompanying PDF courtesy of Singing Bell. You might also enjoy freebies from Sing-Play-Create and Preschool Prodigies. Watch our video about Music Readiness

Should you wish to obtain some tonal instruments for this age group, consider ordering from West Music rather than Amazon:

Baritone Ukulele Cover of You’ll Be Back from Broadway’s HAMILTON
  • An intermediate-level song on Baritone Ukulele in the Key of G Major, as played by Kristin Springer (MA Music Education). Thanks to Ultimate Guitar for the lyrics and chords.
SMS Tutorial of “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish
  • This video is inspired by one of our students who asked to learn this tune by her favorite musical artist. It is in the Key of C Major and features a descending melodic line from E5. Comment with any questions you have about learning the song. Subscribe for more.
High School Resources