“If you’re signing up for lessons with Kristin Springer soon, consider yourself very fortunate! I am a friend and fellow music teacher and I can tell you that she is a very talented musician, educator, and actress! We are also colleagues in the Kodaly music teaching approach. She is very dedicated, intentional, and thoughtful about each aspect of her teaching. She goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her students. She also is very inspired to continue to learn and challenge herself in professional development. The Springer Music Studio is a beautiful place for you or your child to study music, where the student has the opportunity to play on a high-quality baby grand piano. Her group classes are also a place where students are engaged and can enjoy the company of their peers! I whole-heartedly recommend Kristin Springer as your music teacher!”

Amy Panetta

“Kristin is a brilliant educator with a vivacious and sparkling personality, with all the pedagogical tools necessary to help students play the best and enjoy doing it. As a pianist and teacher myself, I’m so impressed at how well she motivates children in music performances.”

Lee Tomboulian

“Ms. Kristin, we absolutely love you! Your expertise in singing and ukulele drives Ryleigh and your encouragement has defined her. So grateful to have found you! 💕”

Jennifer Cairns

“Kristin is an energetic, experienced, professional music teacher whose passion for the arts is infectious. I’m a former high school math teacher turned home-school mom. Beyond teaching, I love her heart, kindness and ability to connect with my three kids. Kristin is a truly wonderful musician, singer and person.”

Holly Bailey

“Kristin Reign Springer is such a talent and so full of energy and love! Having personally worked with Kristin in theater productions through the years, I can tell you what a remarkable singer, dancer, and actress she is. Your child will THRIVE under her wing! Kristin, keep making a difference baby!!! You are a gift!”

Dana Cohen Wexler

“Kristin, you are an AWESOME piano teacher. Rohan loved your piano class and has such fond memories of your beautiful piano recitals! He has come so far, even performing at Carnegie Hall, and we have you to thank for giving him such as strong musical foundation.”

Preeti Joshi

“WOWWWWEEEEE BEAUTIFUL!!!! Vanessa learned from the best: Kristin Reign Springer! You were such an inspiration to Vanessa and a special part of her life and she looked up to you. I remember this recital like it was yesterday. Was such a great day. I love the memories of your music recitals and I love my Baby Girl! Thanks so much, Springer Music Studio.”

Laura Nehmi

“I know Kristin personally and know how dedicated she is to the Arts. She’s wonderful with children and extremely talented in music, dance, and voice! I would highly recommend her for your personal coach!”

Jessica Foix

“Kristin is great with kids! She knows how to engage them and encourage them to learn more! I have brought my daughter to Kristin weekly, for over a year now, and I’m thrilled at how much she has learned in piano.”

Cheryl Walker

“Kristin has a great personality and very knowledgeable about music! I like how she gave good tips for voice warm-ups and also tips on certain foods and/or drinks to consume for voice health, etc. My daughter is really comfortable with her and opens up easily to try new things with singing!”

Becki Garner

Faculty at the Lucy Moses Conservatory, NYC

“Kristin is a truly excellent teacher. I’m impressed by her enthusiastic way of relating to young children while teaching the foundations of music and movement. She’s a marvelous performer as well, and her love of music drives students to develop their own passions for music.”

Anne Farber

Vice President of Education, at Full Sail University

“Kristin proved to be an excellent teacher with great creativity and self-motivation, developing new curriculum in an innovative field. Unique in her passion for combining multimedia and the performing arts, she often exceeded expectations in her assigned courses and frequently collaborated with the students and staff in Music History, MIDI Recording, and Cinematic Audio. As an animation instructor, her efforts to encourage interaction between animation students and the local improvisation theater inspired students to develop creative characters in their projects. This initiative eventually lead to the creation of an “Acting for Animators” course, which continues to be one of our most popular courses today.”

Erik Noteboom