Beginner and Intermediate Strings Groups

Learn the similarities and differences between the guitar and ukulele; including tuning, chords, strumming patterns, and melodic playing. Focus is on rock/pop/folk music. Open enrollment.

These classes are taught by Ms. Bee and Ms. Delaney. They are recommended for ages 8-13. Each section includes four classes per month (classes falling on Monday holidays will be made up the following Friday.)

Students should bring their own instrument to class in order for the instrument to be tuned. However, limited guitars and ukuleles are also on hand to borrow. Self-study or supplemental private lessons may be suggested. Students need to dedicate at least 45 minutes weekly to practice of the class curriculum in order to progress.

Price: $100 monthly
Duration: 60 minutes

Thank you for your interest in enrolling!!

We’re so glad that you’ve decided to expand your family’s musical enjoyment through study at the Springer Music Studio!! Please enter each student in a family separately. For child students, please enter the guardians’ phone/email information on the parent page. If your teen would like to receive messages, please also enter their contact information on the student page. For adult students, please click the circle for adults under student type.

A $30 deposit is required to enroll online, payable via credit card, this will be applied toward tuition. The registration fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Upon registration, you will receive three emails: studio location, payment receipt, and website login (please check your spam/junk folders). Please call (321)529-1994 if you have any questions or concerns. Be sure to FOLLOW us on FACEBOOK! Looking forward to seeing you!!!