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~ We Build Confidence and Make Fond Memories Through Music-Education ~ Licensed K-12th Grade Music Teacher: Piano, Singing, Guitar, Ukulele, & Preschool. ~ Call 321-529-1994 for an appointment. ~
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Benefits of Music Lessons

Strengthen Attention Span: leading to academic success (proven through science)

Develop Self-Motivation: leading to career success & personal fulfillment

Form Community: leading to musical friendships that are face-to-face and unplugged

Establish Musical Aptitude: leading to life-long enjoyment of music on any instrument and for any style

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Why Study at SMS is Effective

2019 Award for Best Music School in West Melbourne

Multi-modal Approach: movement and singing included in the process to incorporate the entire body and mind

Contemporary Curriculum: focused on the needs and tastes of today’s youth, teens, and adults

Range of Musical Genres: from Classical to Jazz to Rock to Musical Theater

Fully-customized Curriculum: to meet the needs & interests of individual students

Weekly Private Lessons and Semi-Private Classes:
for a variety of interests and abilities; Monday-Thursday, 10am-8pm

Music Literacy: the foundations of music are intricately woven into a well-rounded education (mathematics, science, linguistics, social studies, and fitness)

Seasonal Performance Opportunities: exclusive recitals in front of a supportive audience of peers and their families; locations include churches, retirement communities, outdoors and more

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Theatrical Reviews written by Kristin Springer

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“Sound of Music” offers an aural feast at CVP

Photo provided by GoForth Photography

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As a reviewer, I’m hard-pressed to imagine a more perfect production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music. Artistic director Anastacia Hawkins-Smith prioritizes and elegantly accomplishes an impressive vocal symphony while conveying the severity of the impending Nazi invasion. Housing the last live orchestra in Brevard County’s community theater network, the Cocoa Village Playhouse (CVP) reprises their production from 2000 which encourages us to face our fears, to sing when the spirit moves us, and to “follow every (aspirational) rainbow.”

As many readers will be aware, The Sound of Music’s 1938 Austrian plot is loosely based on a true story as published in 1949. Sheltered by angel-voiced nuns singing decadent Latin hymns, aspiring nun “Maria” finds her calling as an unlikely rebel in the developing culture of World War II. Portrayed by local voice coach Natalie McKnight Palmer, “Maria” is both humble and plucky in the adversity that finds her beloved mountain home. Palmer is an inspired choice for “Maria;” she’s clearly as adept molding musical prodigies as she is conquering the melodies epically sung by theatrical legend Julie Andrews. Her performance was outstanding; the songs are tricky because they center in the passagio, the transition between the head and chest voices. Some of her speaking vowels might be too short in places, but this works to her favor when she percussively argues with the captain.

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Halloween Boo-sical Recital

Opening of the Concert
A segment from Hocus Pocus

On October 31st, students and guests of the Springer Music Studio started their trick-or-treating by rocking out to hits from Hocus Pocus, Carrie the Musical, Avenue Q, The Addams Family, The Phantom of the Opera and many more. Enjoy the highlights video!! Hope to see you in lessons! You might get perform at next year’s concert if you aren’t too scared! Bwa-ha-ha!!

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