Introductory Lessons

We offer music education for individuals of just about every age and skill level.

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Our Locations

We are uniquely situated with a Central Location for group classes (shown to the LEFT), plus four satellite locations in teachers’ home studios for 1:1 lessons. Enrollment in lessons do not require membership nor reflect the focus of the congregation. You can find us at:

2185 Meadowlane Avenue, West Melbourne, FL

Near Minton Ave and 192, turn east on Helen Street. We are immediately north of the West Melbourne School for Science.

The Unitarian Universalist Church contains two music classrooms (an Instrument Lab and a Library) and performance space as needed. Parking is limited in front yet ample parking exists behind the church along the driveway shown. Other groups onsite include the Nature’s Schoolhouse, Al-Anon, the West Melbourne Girl Scouts, and the Zen Meditation Group. If you are curious about the spirituality of the church, please visit, the church’s website or their YouTube channel.

Our satellite locations include: Melbourne Beach for guitar/bass/ukulele, Lake Washington for piano, and Suntree for voice and piano. Our remote options include Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype.

We Offer


Pianos present 88 black and white keys that provide a foundation for all further musical study.


The guitar a stringed instrument with frets that come in acoustic and electric varieties. It is closely related to the bass and baritone ukulele.


Singing is the most personal of instruments. Learn to use your voice by improving your tone, diction, volume, and emotion.


The ukulele is a folksy and simplified relative of the guitar that is ideal for those who enjoy singing, ages 6 through adult.


Move your body in melodic, rhythmic, and dramatic ways. Strengthen and tone while improving circulation, balance, and confidence.

Audition Preparation

Longing to perform on stage or screen? Receive expert coaching on your favorite song or role.


Songwriting improves literacy while expanding students’ knowledge of musical concepts. Write and perform alone or with peers.


Rhythm patterns can be played via hands, sticks, or mallots. Study on an acoustic or electric set–or join us for an impromptu African-inspired drum circle.

Benefits of Music Lessons

Performers from age 7-12 on piano, guitar, and singing.

Strengthen Attention Span: leading to academic success (proven through science) through the growth of cranial synapses. The rate of development is due to the combination of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, emotional, and social stimuli. This expansion happens quickly in children slowing as we age, and yet can be maintained through our lifespan if we continue with music and maintain good nutrition.

Develop Self-Motivation: leading to career success & personal fulfillment. The layering of immediate response with delayed gratification plus the questioning of how to improve (higher level processing) develops students’ critical thinking and intrinsic motivation for better habits which can be applied to any topic or task.

Form Community: leading to musical friendships that are face-to-face and unplugged. The better that we play as individuals, the better groups we get to be a part of and the better our group music making can be.

Establish Musical Aptitude: leading to life-long enjoyment of music on any instrument and for any style. Early learning of any musical instrument sets up neurological connections but the piano is shown to be the most applicable to overall musicality due to the chordal and contramelodic possibilities. However, the guitar and ukulele also allow for chordal and melodic study, and leave the voice available for linguistic expression (lyrics).

We Welcome

West Melbourne Group Lessons Space

Music Library for Music Readiness, Creative Movement, and Songwriting
Instrument Lab for Group Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Ukulele
Group classes multiply the fun of lessons for Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, and Music Readiness. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us and we’ll if we can arrange it.

Songwriter’s Workshop

Songwriting engages students in creative self-expression through music. Our program is designed for tweens and teens with knowledge of basic chords and scales and over one year of lessons on their instrument of choice.

Mondays and Thursdays 6:00 – 7:30 pm through the Summer (June 6-Aug 5) our expert faculty at SMS HQ in West Melbourne will coach songwriting to culminate in a group performance.

Drop-In Class: $45 via credit card and online registration.

Each 90-minute class will focus on Chord Progressions, Improvisation, Rhymes, Teamwork, Storytelling, and a Take-home Challenge. Small class size in a secure environment. Songwriting teams will be age-based, chaperoned, and monitored under video surveillance

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