July 2023 Studio News

July 2023 Studio News

Oh My Goodness, how the Summer has FLOWN!! In just a few short weeks, schools will be back in session–public schools begin August 9th!! We are so impressed by our students’ passion for music and their progress over the Summer. And we simply can’t wait to present our “Songwriters and Friends Showcase” at 4pm on Saturday, August 5th which is free to attend and open to the public!! (see details in the Events Section below).

Our teaching staff–Bee, Cindi, Delaney, Nicole and now George–are excited to continue meeting your need for music education that is fun and rewarding. Space is limited for both lessons and classes, so once the Fall semester begins, we need your help in maintaining week-to-week consistency (see scheduling and policy descriptions below). Remember to check those after-school schedules in advance to let us know your availability for weekly lessons and classes.


The Springers have welcomed a new baby girl to their family, Chloe Angelica Springer!! We appreciate all of your encouraging and loving messages while Ms. Kristin is balancing her new role as “Mommy” while leading curriculum design and the studio in general. Ms. Kristin will also be teaching group classes on Tuesdays. 

Likewise, Ms. Cindi welcomed a new granddaughter, Kiara (what a cutie!) so won’t be teaching on Wednesdays. 

Our thanks to Livia Daniels, for working tirelessly as our Customer Services Manager, Jonathan Springer on technology, and our teachers who continue to meet and exceed the needs of our growing studio family in Melbourne and Palm Bay. 


When you visit SpringerMusicStudio.com, you will see a new design by DigiCorns. 
We believe that our new look is more modern and mobile-phone friendly. We welcome your feedback if you are unable to find anything you’re seeking. The password-protected student accounts are unchanged and still run by My Music Staff. 

NEW TEACHER SPOTLIGHT: “Mr. George” on Drums

Welcome to our new Drum Tutor, Jorge Lopez who has been drumming for over 50 years!! He loves to rehearse with youths and adults to put on a great show! George will begin by rhythmically supporting our songwriters.

A new resident of Palm Bay, “George” is a retired mailman from the Miami area and a marine corps veteran. He loves the wholesome and welcoming environment around our Headquarters at UUCB. He will be available to support drumming lessons on contemporary drum sets (both acoustic and electric) as well as Latinx congas and West African djembes.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH: Lauren Lane, age 11, 2 yrs on BariUke and Voice

Congratulations to our STUDENT OF THE MONTH Lauren Lane who has been studying Baritone Ukulele and Singing with us for over two years. Lauren has come so far as a performer: singing in recitals, performing in her school’s musical theater productions, and practicing at home with her sister on guitar. Lauren loves the genres of rock, stage, and Disney. Her mom Lisa says “

Recently, while on a cruise vacation with family, Lauren performed two songs in the karaoke concert: “Popular” and “This is Me.” Lauren is currently in her second summer of our Songwriting Workshop and is supporting the other writers while expanding her vocabulary through dedicated use of her Rhyming Dictionary. 

Lauren’s mom says “Singing is Lauren’s happy place. It is her safe place when her emotions become overwhelming–anytime from sun-up to sun-down. She has learned patience and perseverance while improving her music skills.” 

Way to go Lauren!! We’re so proud of you and your growing musicianship! Keep on shining!!


Please see the full policies as you log into My Music Staff or from the homepage of the new website. In essence, these are our attendance policies for the School Year

One on one “private” lessons are one of the best investments you can make for your child regarding their educational, leadership and emotional intelligence. Enrolling in lessons is a commitment to music education for your family. These occur weekly for 30-45 minutes and cost $30-45 respectively. Sheet music and books must be purchased in addition to lessons. At-home practice of 20 minutes 4x weekly is necessary for skills to progress. Consistent attendance is required. To respect our teachers, students who miss repeatedly may lose their time slot (see Studio Policy for details) and two weeks’ notice is required prior to withdrawal. Missed lessons with 48 hours notice (no more than three in a semester) may be made up if there is availability in the teacher’s schedule. Please plan to have an instrument in the home before your 2nd lesson–and if it is portable, bring it to your lesson.

If you seek a more casual or supplemental course of study: Group Classes are a social environment for studying music. Games and activities are included in the curriculum. Our Group Classes cost about the same as a 30-minute private weekly lesson, but they include a $10 monthly book fee and there is no charge for the second half hour of instruction. Classes are billed at $120 monthly. An instrument at home is required, and 20 minutes of practice at least 2x weekly is needed for progress to be made.  

Missed lessons may be made up by visiting other groups but are not guaranteed. Our Group Classes will be beginning again on August 14th–with the exception of Music Readiness (ages 4-7) which will start one week later on Tuesdays, beginning August 22nd. Advanced Groups recommend 1:1 lessons in addition to groups. Group Piano Levels 2-3 will be working on duets as well as toward the national assessment in April referred to as “Student Day.” 


Sunday, JULY 23rd at 11am: BENIGN MUSIC TAKEOVER!
Dr.Pavithra Pathirathna, mom to our 9 year old multi-instrumentalist, Tanush, is a professor at the Florida Institute of Technology will share her expertise on neuroscience (Topic: “The Neuroscience of Joy and Aging”) Tanush will delight us with his music as well. 

Saturday, AUGUST 5th at 4pm: IRON OAKS POST (2023 Melbourne Ct, Melbourne, FL 32901)
Please drop off your performer at 3:30 in their Springer Music T-shirt, jeans, and sensible shoes. Use street parking responsibly. Select a table. Food and drinks are available for purchase.  

Sunday, AUGUST 6th at 11am: BENIGN MUSIC TAKEOVER!  
“Back to School” event to bless the children and their backpacks, helping our students and teachers to prepare their minds and hearts for the new school year. We are excited to include our students (Lily on guitar and Lauren on voice) to this event. 

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