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A Pirate’s Eye at Surfside Playhouse

An Audience Participation Murder Mystery Comedy
Written & Directed by Bryan Bergeron
Running Sept. 11-20th – Cocoa Beach, FL
See DAVID DOES IT interview on FOX 35’s MORNING SHOW

Susan Grant (played by Kristin Springer) is desperate! To break a family curse that has brought her life to ruin, she solicits the help  of Private Investigator Brad Colt. PURCHASE TICKETS

The Mission? To solve a murder that took place over 55 years ago.  Travel back to 1965 Arkansas where the Kindred and Bourbon Clans are are locked in a fight over bootleg liquor distribution in dry counties. This comedy has every thing you need with cursing gypsies, devious lawyers, horny crime lords and mysterious pirate skull.

Peppered with songs like “Crime of Crimes”, “Get that Curse off my Back”  and “We’ve got to Solve this Case”, this show is a sure night of fun and laughter. The Pirate’s Eye is filled with innuendo and adult themes so think twice before bringing the kiddies.

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Benefits of Music Lessons

Strengthen Attention Span: leading to academic success (proven through science)

Develop Self-Motivation: leading to career success & personal fulfillment

Form Community: leading to musical friendships that are face-to-face and unplugged

Establish Musical Aptitude: leading to life-long enjoyment of music on any instrument and for any style

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Why Study at SMS is Effective

2019 Award for Best Music School in West Melbourne

Multi-modal Approach: movement and singing included in the process to incorporate the entire body and mind

Contemporary Curriculum: focused on the needs and tastes of today’s youth, teens, and adults

Range of Musical Genres: from Classical to Jazz to Rock to Musical Theater

Fully-customized Curriculum: to meet the needs & interests of individual students

Weekly Private Lessons and Semi-Private Classes:
for a variety of interests and abilities; Monday-Thursday, 10am-8pm

Music Literacy: the foundations of music are intricately woven into a well-rounded education (mathematics, science, linguistics, social studies, and fitness)

Seasonal Performance Opportunities: exclusive recitals in front of a supportive audience of peers and their families; locations include churches, retirement communities, outdoors and more

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Keeping Your Family Safe

Introducing Porch Lessons (dependent on weather)

Your family’s health and safety are of paramount importance, so we’ve created a sanitary, functional space for in-person lessons. The ceiling fan has been installed to pull breath upwards and outwards; while keeping the climate cool. If you’d like to continue online, that’s completely fine. Skype and FaceTime are available for solo lessons, reserving Zoom for group.

In person lessons: Only students of the same family will be allowed to take lessons together. Lessons will be scheduled a half-hour apart so that the space can air out and chairs/instruments wiped down. I’ve obtained clear face masks and face shields for myself. Students will receive a temperature check and use hand sanitizer upon entry,

PLEASE WEAR a mask for instrumental lessons (face shields for voice are appreciated). Students should bring supplies including pencils, water bottle, sheet music and an assignment book (audio recorder for voice). Books are available for purchase here, as needed.

I’m grateful to you all for your support on this journey. May music continue to heal and brighten your souls as it does mine.

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