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Allow us to express our appreciation that you have and continue to choose the Springer Music Studio for educating and supporting your family in music!

Given the relaxed pace of Summer…we have new students looking for fun during their school break and continuing students doubling the intensity of their musical progress.

We continue to welcome adults of all ages to manifest their music dreams whether that’s playing the piano, jamming on guitar or auditioning for local theater productions.
Look for a new website design soon…and continue to follow our updates on MyMusicStaff, Facebook, and Tiktok.

Please read all of our news below and respond to this email with any questions. You may also call 321-529-1994 x3 to reach our Customer Service Manager, Livia.


The Springer Music Studio holds these young musicians in high regard for the abundant talent they express. Both the Library and the Instrument Lab ring with the sound of vox, keyboards, bass, and guitar pushing forward and fleshing out new sounds that have never been made before. These students are inspired and inspiring!!


Our songwriters are to be commended for their show of respect and energetic curiosity for our speaker: “Ms. Erica” is a crossover country-pop artist recording artist from Nashville who has won many awards for her Tropical Rock songs including “Change the World” . She has a sparkling personality and enjoys offering tunes, riffs, and lessons that resonate with children. Erica began with storytelling: What are you passionate about? What is the message you want your listers to feel? 



Professor Steve Kane of Full Sail University (Winter Park, FL) joined us on Zoom for over a hour. “Mr. Steve” has taught Recording Arts for 20 years following a career in Nashville, TN in which he supported recording artists in finishing their songs. Our songwriters (eight tweens aged 9-13) paid rapt attention, took notes and asked questions; clearly in awe of the ideas and techniques needed to smoothly transition from “improvising” a partial song idea to “mastering” a complete fully-produced song, which in turn may be put on social media or sold to recording artists.  “Mr. Steve” will be joining us in person later this summer for support in recording our new compositions.

PLAN to JOIN US for our SHOWCASE PERFORMANCE at Iron Oaks on Saturday, August 05 at 4pm, where the kids will get to perform their ORIGINAL SONGS.

STUDENT OF THE MONTH:  Vivian Jakobs, almost 8yo., 12 mo. on Ukulele


Ms. Delaney has been teaching Vivian and her two older siblings together each week and reports to us that “Vivian has been studying ukulele since early 2022 and in that time she has been able to develop skills that are years beyond the maturity of her peers. Some of these new skills include understanding how to read and retain many chords, knowledge of how to perform many different strumming patterns, follow the melody in a piece, great ukulele vocabulary, and phenomenon fingerpicking. Her passion for music shows in every aspect from the sound of her playing to her always positive “go get ‘em”attitude in class.”

We’re so proud of Vivian and are looking forward to her first recital performance!


It definitely takes a village to raise these amazing children the JOY OF MUSIC! We are enormously grateful for the support we get from all the families and friends we have made in our studio. Current projects include nurturing the front garden and renewing the front grassy area. So if it’s convenient, please drop off on the driveway and proceed to park behind the church when you are waiting for your child.

Sunday, JULY 23rd at 11am: Our hosts at UUCB wish to extend a special thanks to Pavithra Pathirathna, mom to our 9 year old multi-instrumentalist, Tanush who’s been studying piano, ukulele, and guitar with us for four years. “Professor Pavi” from the Florida Institute of Technology will share her expertise on neuroscience (Topic: “The Neuroscience of Joy and Aging”) Tanush will delight us with his music as well. In addition, we are seeking a second solo student performer for that date. Please let us know if your child is interested in playing or if your family would like to attend.

Sunday, AUGUST 6th at 11am: Our hosts at UUCB will hold a special “Back to School” event to bless the children and their backpacks, helping our students and teachers to prepare their minds and hearts for the new school year. We are seeking two solo student performers for that date, which is the next day after our Songwriter’s Showcase! We will hold an Open House that day for the studio. School begins Wednesday, August 9th.

With Love,

Kristin, Bee, Cindi, Delaney, Livia and Nicole

The Springer Music Studio

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