Intermediate Group Piano: Ages 8-13

Semi-private class of 1-hr weekly sessions; we will pair children by age and ability. Children will learn note-reading, pitch matching, and piano dexterity skills while having fun with peers. Various instruments are used for full-body movement activities. A piano or quality keyboard is needed at home. Tuition is due monthly. Absences may be made up in other classes as available. Concurrent, private (1:1) are required in order for students to achieve the ideal rate of progress.

Price: $100 monthly
Duration: 1 hour

Thank you for your interest in enrolling!!

We’re so glad that you’ve decided to expand your family’s musical enjoyment through study at the Springer Music Studio!! Please enter each student in a family separately. For child students, please enter the guardians’ phone/email information on the parent page. If your teen would like to receive messages, please also enter their contact information on the student page. For adult students, please click the circle for adults under student type.

A $30 deposit is required to enroll online, payable via credit card, this will be applied toward tuition. The registration fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Upon registration, you will receive three emails: studio location, payment receipt, and website login (please check your spam/junk folders). Please call (321)529-1994 if you have any questions or concerns. Be sure to FOLLOW us on FACEBOOK! Looking forward to seeing you!!!