Our Teachers and Staff

Ms Bee

Guitar and Baritone Ukelele

A love of music opens many doors. I was called to the creative life due to my father’s love of rock music –shared we me via concerts and an immense record collection– and my mother’s love of Mozart. As a child of Long Island, I sang in choir, studied piano and guitar formally, then moved to Manhattan as a teenager where I performed in notable bands (details upon request). Diverse influences include jazz, folk and blues which segued into 60’s and 70’s rock and later to genres including Classic Country, Bluegrass and Singer-Songwriter music.

I’ve led a professional bicoastal music and arts career ranging from N.Y. to L.A. Here in “fun in the sun” Florida I’ve recorded and gigged in Bee & Boo (served as a Citizen Scholar and Assistant Music Teacher through Eastern Florida State College); Blues de’Ville; the Space Coast Harley-Davidson house band; Bee and the Hive (played folk festivals); the Island Mountain Band; and (as harmony vocalist) 70’s 80’s 90’s high-energy rock Burning Daylight. More recently, I founded and continue to run the Facebook group Jam Melbourne Beach. When not focused on music, I practice graphic design and network for friends on social media. 

I’ve been teaching guitar for the past decade. I look forward to representing the Springer Music Studio as your guitar specialist. I love to teach teens and adults — whether beginners, intermediates or at any other point on guitar. You’ll be expressing yourself confidently and performing with greater ease than you ever imagined. We’ll soon be jamming with chords and riffs to your favorite tunes as you seamlessly form a well-rounded foundation for building musicianship over the long-term. Let’s schedule a trial lesson at your home or mine — you’ll be rocking out in no time.

Ms. Cindi

PIano, Organ and Vocal Accompaniment

For over 30 years, I have taken great pleasure in supporting life-long musicianship for students ages 5 and up. During my lifetime of playing the piano and organ, my strong classical roots have included guild assessments and a career in church music but I also love jazz, showtunes and popular music. Presently, I am an active member of the Music Teachers’ National Association.

I began piano during a summer break for extra fun and found that piano studies were a great way to meet people! I love music by J.S. Bach, Frédéric Chopin, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Dave Grusin, and Carlos Santana.

My students learn performance pieces that will be sources of confidence for years to come – along with excellent technique on the scales and chords relevant to songwriting. I enjoy teaching a large variety of repertoire including Faber, Schaum, Bastien, and Alfred method books and I encourage my students to bring their favorite songs into lessons. I love when transfer students show their favorite songs to me and let me know their favorite aspects of a lesson. 

I look forward to meeting you and your family…and helping you to develop a musical practice that everyone enjoys.

Ms Delaney

Ukulele and Songwriting

Hi! My name is Delaney Enya Oliver and I hope to be your new ukulele instructor! As a child, I watched my mom sing in a cover band called “The Midnight Sun” and I loved attending local musical theater productions. This led to my enrollment in dance, dramatic roles, and after moving to the space coast eventually to voice lessons with Ms. Kristin at the Springer Music Studio in preparation for college auditions. During that time, I performed with Ballet Esprit and Santa By Scott Children’s Entertainment for the past 10 and 3 years respectively.

I discovered my passion for playing the ukulele two years ago while on break from my senior year of highschool. During that time I was accepted and enrolled at the American Music and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York City. Playing my favorite songs and singing along brings me so much joy; and because it’s so small, I normally take my ukulele on trips whether that’s to my gigs as a character actress or on vacation with my family. However, my favorite place to play will always be Central Park in NYC.

I enjoy a wide variety of genres from all the way from Show Tunes to Metal. I hope my students come to me with music they like and WANT to play as the sound of any instrument sounds best when passion and love is behind it. I have over 13 years experience with performing and can help you with your confidence as well as repertoire. As an artist, I have established a strong following on social media and can help you develop your personal or professional presence there if you are motivated to do so. I hope that we can meet soon and that I can help you reach your potential on this fun and accessible instrument!

Mr George


Welcome to our new Drum Tutor, Jorge Lopez who has been drumming for over 50 years!! He loves to rehearse with youths and adults to put on a great show! George will begin by rhythmically supporting our songwriters.

A new resident of Palm Bay, “George” is a retired mailman from the Miami area and a marine corps veteran. He loves the wholesome and welcoming environment around our Headquarters at UUCB. He will be available to support drumming lessons on contemporary drum sets (both acoustic and electric) as well as on LatinX congas and African djembes.

Ms Liv

Office Manager

“I am elated to bring my professional background in Customer Service from the Resort & Hospitality Industry to the Springer Music Studio! I wish to support the passion being cultivated in the hearts and lives of our students! Music has taken me places I could not have dreamed and I can’t wait to see where it takes you or your little ones! A LITTLE ABOUT ME:

Music came into my life pretty early, back in my hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I would gather my siblings and cousins and perform to our family in our courtyard. Good times! Soon enough, I was taking dance lessons, had joined a choir that performed in different venues, one of which being the most prestigious televised social programs in Brazil (think PBS Telethon). That passion only grew and, eventually, I was introduced to the world of musical theater. I was HOOKED! No, really should see my gym/power walk playlist! Ha Ha

If you have seen a show in the last few years here in Brevard, at the Cocoa Village Playhouse or Henegar, you’ve likely seen me on stage or had me learn your name as I ushered you to your seat. I’m also the mother of two teens who have caught the musical bug, so those transitions from excitement to frustration, from squeaks to songs, are all aspects of the musical journey that are dear to my heart.”