Summer 2024 Studio News

Dear Springer Studio Families,

The HEAT of SUMMER is definitely upon us! So for our musical families that means time off from school in the form of Summer Camps, swimming and vacations. Since school is out, this is an excellent time to get in MORE hours of instrumental practice. Our aspiring musicians can make HUGE gains in SUMMER since they don’t have the challenges of school and homework. Please read to the end of this message for important studio news.

Students who take lessons consistently over the Summer will enjoy priority scheduling in the Fall rather than first-come, first-served scheduling. For the 11 weeks of SUMMER from May 24th through August 16th, we will be offering lessons at UUCB on Wednesdays. In addition, Ms. Bee will be teaching from student homes on Fridays and Ms. Cindi throughout the week from her home studio in Lake Washington. Lastly, Ms. Delaney will be focused on her flight attendant job, returning to us in early August. In the meantime, June-July is an excellent time for her ukulele students to try bass, acoustic or electric guitar with Ms. Bee.

We advise that lessons take 45 minutes each week and can include rhythm games, music theory, listening skills, scales and chord progressions, or songwriting, along with a variety of genres such as rock, classical, jazz or children’s music. 


We extend our warmest gratitude to the 16 studio families who celebrated at our recital last Saturday! Every performance was a reflection of the limitless potential of these budding musicians; we are thrilled to see and hear the results of each student’s hard work and dedication. We’re sure that we will all cherish this collective memory of the power of music to bring people together and create unforgettable experiences.

Thanks to our staff—Livia Marta Daniels, Cindi Read, Bee Zander, and Delaney Enya, to Jonathan Springer for the technical and moral support; to Beth Anz for hosting as the Director of UUCB; and to Pink Flamingo Gourmet Cotton & Concessions for dishing out smiles after our concert. If you took photos or videos please share them with us. Thanks again for participating and attending!!


Damien has been studying piano with Ms. Kristin and Ms. Cindi since August 2021. He is consistently prepared for lessons and advancing his skills as a classical and jazz pianist. In 2023, Damien was a member of the Level 3 Piano class and participated in two summers of our Songwriting Workshop in which he wrote and performed his original piece titled “Forgetfulness.” Ms. Cindi says of Damien, “Behind his reserved exterior, Damien is a hard worker and possesses a special talent in transforming mediocre pieces into real works of art within just a week or two.” Damien is working with his sister who plays bass guitar and ukulele. Both siblings are in chorus at school, where Damien sings as a bass. Congratulations Damien on your SUPERIOR rating in the National Music Teacher Association’s Student Day! We can’t wait to see what’s next!


Cecilia (a.k.a. “Cece”) has been studying singing and piano with our studio since June 2023. She adores practicing with her big sister on guitar and her dad on drums…as well as in the car. She is very expressive and passionate–quickly growing as an artist and performer, even joining in band performances with our tween group after showing great promise in our Music Readiness class. Cecilia is a wonderfully supportive teammate, often giving compliments in rehearsal and boosting the confidence of her fellow musicians. Due to her enrollment in multiple classes, Cecilia ended up singing three group songs in our recital (“Take Me Out To The Ballgame”, “When I Grow Up” from MATILDA, and “Bye Bye Love”) and performing one song by memory on the piano. We can’t wait to see how she grows in music!


As many of you noticed from the recital, the church has invested in a facelift in terms of its stucco and painting. Further updates are scheduled for gutters and asphalt. We will be gardening again once that is complete–so that students in the Fall have a beautiful campus for their group lessons and solo lessons in West Melbourne.

PLEASE reach out to us if you would like lessons in our lab or library on Wednesdays.


Thank you for reading to the end of this letter. Please respond directly via email with any questions or concerns…and to schedule your Summer appointments in advance. As usual, I will be on-hand to assist your needs while Ms. Kristin is away on vacation.

And as always, thank you so much for choosing the Springer Music Studio!

Livia Daniels
Customer Services Manager 
321-529-1994 x3

 Springer Music Studio

 Serving Lower Brevard County


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