2021 Recitals

“Belle” Opening Song from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST performed by six of our more advanced vocal students
On Nov. 2021 in front of a small masked audience.Some other performers aren’t shown. See more on Facebook.com@SpringerMusicStudio
These amazing students performed for each other after a full year of online 1:1 Lessons.
See more on Facebook.com@SpringerMusicStudio

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Benefits of Music Lessons

All Students recieved a certificate at the end of their recital performance.
Source: Springer Music Studio Recital 2018

Strengthen Attention Span: leading to academic success (proven through science) through the growth of cranial synapses. The rate of development is due to the combination of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, emotional, and social stimuli. This expansion happens quickly in children, slowing as we age, and yet can be maintained through our lifespan if we continue with music and maintain good nutrition.

Develop Self-Motivation: leading to career success & personal fulfillment. The layering of immediate response with delayed gratification plus the questioning of how to improve (higher level processing) develops students’ critical thinking and intrinsic motivation for better habits which can be applied to any topic or task.

Form Community: leading to musical friendships that are face-to-face and unplugged. The better that we play as individuals, the better groups we get to be a part of and the better our group music making can be.

Establish Musical Aptitude: leading to life-long enjoyment of music on any instrument and for any style. Early learning of any musical instrument sets up neurological connections but the piano is shown to be the most applicable to overall musicality due to the chordal and contramelodic possibilities. However, the guitar and ukulele also allow for chordal and melodic study, and leave the voice available for linguistic expression (lyrics).

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Why Study at SMS is Effective

Piano skills are valuable regardless of which instrument you ultimately decide to study.

Multi-modal Approach: movement and singing included in the process to incorporate the entire body and mind

Contemporary Curriculum: focused on the needs and tastes of today’s youth, teens, and adults

Range of Musical Genres: from Classical to Jazz to Rock to Musical Theater

Fully-customized Curriculum: to meet the needs & interests of individual students

Weekly Private Lessons and Semi-Private Classes:
for a variety of interests and abilities; Monday-Thursday, 10am-8pm

Music Literacy: the foundations of music are intricately woven into a well-rounded education (mathematics, science, linguistics, social studies, and fitness)

Seasonal Performance Opportunities: exclusive recitals in front of a supportive audience of peers and their families; locations include churches, retirement communities, outdoors and more

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Winter Concert 2019

Presenting the 2019 Performing Company of the Springer Music Studio (extended version). These children, teens, and adults confidently and beautifully performed Christmas carols and popular music at the Florida Institute of Technology.
GIVE THE GIFT OF MUSIC! Did you know that studying a musical instrument has been proven to improve academic success and cognitive abilities throughout a musician’s lifetime?

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