Case Study 2

Psychoanalytic Techniques in Advertising Today: (Case Study on Strategic Vision’s new quantitative evalution system, called “Total Value”, which incorporates emotional consumer concerns in the automobile industy.)

Strategic Vision is a research-based consultancy with thirty years of experience in understanding consumer and constituent decision-making systems for a variety of clients, including most automotive manufacturers, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, and Procter & Gamble. Its unique expertise is in identifying consumers’ motivational hierarchies, including the values and emotions that drive perceptions and behaviors. Led by CEO Darrel Edwards, Ph.D. and Alexander Edwards, President, Automotive Group, Strategic Visions presents a list of winners, evaluated by a new system, called Total Value, which incorporates emotional consumer concerns into a quantitative assessment of product worth.

“The calculation of Total Value clearly incorporates explicit statements that owners make about value, but those statements do not alone provide sufficient differentiation to give us the diagnostic power we want or to be able to herald one brand or vehicle as the leader in a segment,â€? says Darrel Edwards.

“Total Value is absolutely critical now in the US market. It is even important for brands with strong reputations, but is critical for everyone else. Total Value encompasses the complete ownership experience with emotional components and priorities. Building Total Value is strongly related to brand reputation. It reinforces the notion of a ‘smart buy.’ In a mature market where consumers have a variety of excellent choices, yet concern for fuel economy and getting the most for their money, Total Value influences the purchase,â€? concluded Alexander Edwards.

The Total Value Study surveyed over 64,000 new vehicle buyers who purchased their vehicles between October 2005 and March 2006, asking an extensive array of questions about their first 90 days of ownership. For further information, contact Alexander Edwards or Dr. Darrel Edwards at 858-576-7141; or visit

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