Source: Realtor Magazine (USA), February 1, 2006 By: Frederik Heller

Abstract: This article describes the impact podcasts have had on real estate marketing.

Analysis: Podcasts, originally termed by The Guardian newspaper in February 2004, and endorsed with a directory on iTunes online music store, are hot. In April 2005, Pew Internet & American Life Project reported that more than 22 million people, or 11 percent of Americans, owned an iPod or other MP3 player; and 6 million of those had downloaded podcasts. Since then, although figures are not readily available, the popularity of Podcasts have grown exponentially as an online distributor of news and entertainment.

The writer expects significant growth in:

Advertising – Commercials are popping into popular broadcasts. while sponsorships are announced at the beginning of others.

Search Engines – Other than podcast directories, and general search engines; Podzinger and Blinkx are search engines that “listenâ€? to a podcast and database its often-used keywords.

Vodcasting – Short, video-based podcasts, distributed online, for download onto a Video iPod; expected to be the “next big thing.â€?

Possible uses for real estate:

Marketing – Search, iTunes, etc., for hundreds of podcasts on homebuying and selling tips, market conditions in specific boroughs, economy and investment. Podcasting can be a low-cost way to share expertise and reach customers, but (the author warns) can be time-consuming and requires imagination to retain the listener’s attention and repeat business.

Business (News)– On local news and issues, new sales techniques, technology, cultural diversity, and countless other topics catering to personal and professional interests.

Company info – Distribution of memos, reports, and presentations to staff, investors, and clients

Advertising – Realtors who sponsor third party podcasts may reach niche audiences, but they are warned to review business models carefully; as costs, potential audience, and podcast content, and update frequency should be carefully considered.

Vodcasting may be an innovative tool for online neighborhood tours, highlighting new listings, etc. Whether vodcasts reach podcast’s popularity remains to be seen.

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