Source: Variety (USA), February 20-26, 2006 By: Josef Adalian

Abstract: This article details the rising competition for mid- or top-level executive positions in television. “

Analysis: The closing of Warner Brothers, UPN, and Carsey-Werners resulted in at least 100 lay-offs. The stakes have been further raised by recent mergers: including those of NBC with Universal and CBS with Paramount. In addition, like most American corporations, conglomerates – most notably Time Warner – have slashed salaries and staff to cut general costs. These cutbacks effect mid-level positions, mostly at the VP level, yet ground-level posts remain plentiful. Similarly, writing jobs have plummeted due to the rise of reality shows and a depression in the sitcom genre.

These displaced execs and writers can move to expanding cable networks; or into the technical sector. Yahoo and AOL have both made recent deals for TV programming, yet it is unknown whether the demand created by emerging technologies will entirely fill the void.

Take aways: In the last five years, so many industries have downsized, and yet technologies for entertainment have so diversified that this “newsâ€? is only a confirmation of common sense.

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